Manufacturer of jewelry

Wednesday, Oct. 11 Location Code
8:15am-1:30pm Hynes Center, Level 3, Room 313 WT/05



See lean implemented throughout the entire E. A. Dion company including all office functions. On this tour, you will experience a culture of continuous improvement. Jewelry manufacturing is very labor intensive. The business is family-owned and the majority of the workforce is long-term employees. Yet, the company has been able to implement lean extensively throughout. Discover how E. A Dion has made major strides in implementing one-piece flow with the very flexible, quick changeover rhumb line. You will also see work cells, visual management, 5S and flow.

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"A coveted AME Boston tour site, E.A. Dion offers attendees a rare opportunity to experience people-centric leadership at its best. Expect to see first-hand examples of one-piece flow in a unique, high-variety environment, and, of course—a few precious stones here and there."

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Selling strictly through its distributor partners, E. A. Dion is a fully integrated manufacturer of precious and non-precious rings, pins, tacks and other jewelry awards, with a complimentary global sourcing capability and a successful presence in three ky market segments – recognition, promotional products and the direct selling/multi-level marketing industry.

Restrictions / Requirements

To participate in a tour, all attendees must adhere to and respect the tour hosts' restrictions and requirements.
Non-adherence may exclude you from a tour.

  • No recording devices
  • Leather like closed-toe shoes (No high heels)
  • Long or short-sleeved shirt/blouse
  • Long pants (no shorts, skirts, dresses)