A heritage dating back to Alexander Graham Bell

Wednesday, Oct. 11 Location Code
8:15am-1:00pm Hynes Center, Level 3, Room 313 WT/07

No competitors allowed on this tour, including: Corning; Draka; Prysmian; J-Fiber

To achieve continuous improvement, OFS adheres to a quality policy that calls for every employee to pursue total customer satisfaction. See how its commitment to “Quality at Every Step” is evident in its products, processes and work environment. Customer satisfaction is the highest priority. This dedication to customers begins with a commitment to quality. Whether it involves developing innovative technology or providing field support, it strives for continual process improvement, always focused on delivering exceptional value to its customers. More than merely an end result, quality is also a mindset. The company's long-term quality commitment begins with executive endorsement and continues throughout the company.


OFS Fitel is a manufacturer of telecommunications and specialty optical fiber products. It designs, manufactures and provides optical fiber, fiber optic cable, connectivity, FTTx and specialty optical fiber solutions for telecommunications, medical, industrial, energy, sensing, government, aerospace and defense industries. Certified to ISO 9001 since 1993, the company's continuing compliance with this standard spearheads its quality system by supporting the design, production and servicing of its products. A number of OFS global locations are also certified to TL 9000, a telecommunications-specific set of requirements based on ISO 9001. This certification ensures that all participating telecommunications suppliers fall under the same guidelines and helps distinguish best-in-class manufacturers and suppliers. www.ofsoptics.com

Restrictions / Requirements

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  • No competitors
  • Leather like closed-toe shoes (No high heels)
  • Long or short-sleeved shirt/blouse
  • Long pants (no shorts, skirts, dresses)