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The way of lean investing

A Wall-Streeter's fascination and frustration with lean


Practitioner Presentation
Wednesday, Oct. 11 Location Code
11:00am-12:00pm Hynes Center, Level 3, Ballroom A WS/35

Learn how the Ransom Research methodology unfolds, focusing on the telltales which  differentiate sincere lean cultures, including hoshin kanri, management standardized work and respect for the individual.


Lean thinking is a preferred way because its tenets far transcend business operations.  What is not apparent is the power of lean companies as superior investments. Hear how Ransom Research has spent the last 14 years conditioning the mindsets of professional investors to lean benefits. Its super-achievers and next-generation Danahers may form the template for future investments. The search for global lean adopters in the Industrial world constitutes a key function of the firm - that's the fascination part of this presentation. The frustration part is less obvious. Hear how very few enterprises achieve the ultimate goal - the creation of a deep and sustainable lean culture. Gain insights into the acronym CRISP (consistent, repeatable, intergratable, sustainable and predictable) to describe what happens to the stock market valuation of companies who are successful in lean transformations.  Discover how potential beneficiaries of lean thinking get bogged down in tools, and then only on the manufacturing floor. Learn how, all too often, corporate lean adopters use the wrong metrics to measure progress.


Ransom Research, Inc. is an independent equity research firm that serves institutional money managers.

Presenter: Cliff Ransom

Cliff Ransom is president and founder of Ransom Research, Inc. He has been active on Wall Street since 1972 and has used 27 years of experience with lean thinking as competitive discriminator and enabler in his search for the "Next Danaher."  Ransom travels 200 days a year to ‘go to the gemba.’ He is the only investment professional who is a Champion of the Association for Manufacturing Excellence and who has been elected to the Shingo Academy for Operational Excellence. He also served on the board of The Shingo Institute, including his role as chairman of the board.