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Leading by example

Kaizen approach for engaging with and developing a lean culture


Practitioner Presentation
Thursday, Oct. 12 Location Code
9:30am-10:30am Hynes Center, Level 3, Room 302 ThS/52



Discover how executive team hands-on participation in kaizen on the shop floor is a key element of lean deployment. Gain insights into the impact this approach has on a lean culture and how it improves engagement throughout the business.


Learn about the president's kaizen approach that Steel Partners uses to help create the lean culture in the diversified industrial segment of its portfolio at Handy & Harman (HNH). Hear about the recent president's kaizen, hosted at one of the manufacturing facilities, where three teams applied the Steel Business System tools of lean on projects in total productive maintenance (TPM), variation reduction, and single minute exchange of die (SMED).  These teams were cross-functional with local shop floor operators, value stream leaders and the presidents of all of the HNH companies participating in the week-long event.  Learn more about reactions, lessons learned and cultural implications.


Steel Partners is a global diversified holding company that engages in multiple businesses, including diversified industrial products, energy, defense, supply chain management and logistics, banking, food products and services, oilfield services, sports, training, education, and the entertainment and lifestyle industries.

Presenter: Eric Lussier

Eric Lussier is vice president of the Steel Business System at Steel Partners, where he is the key architect focusing on process improvement across a portfolio of manufacturing companies. He has a wealth of experience in process improvement in various industries from automotive to diversified manufacturing.