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Inspiring trust

Unlocking care and proficiency with customers and associates


Practitioner Presentation
Tuesday, Oct. 10 Location Code
9:45am-10:45am Hynes Center, Level 3, Ballroom B TS/01



Hear how every Barry-Wehmiller team member has the chance to earn its customers’ trust or to threaten it through aligning expectations and disciplined performance. Discover how this call to action has been communicated, engaged and recognized around the world.


Barry-Wehmiller believes that we can build a better world through business - its business, your business, any business or organization whose leaders believe that the highest purpose should be to provide meaning and fulfillment to those who dedicate their talent to its goals. Learn how, in alignment with its people-centric leadership model, Barry-Wehmiller is unlocking even greater potential by embracing not just the voice of the customer, but the trust of the customer.


Since 1985, Barry-Wehmiller has provided packaging machinery and engineering solutions to customers throughout the world. The organization has grown approximately 16 percent per year since 1988, eclipsing $2 billion in revenues. The sum of more than 85 acquisitions, Barry-Wehmiller’s business model has brought it in contact with a wide array of leadership and organizational methods. For the last decade, a unique, people-centric leadership model has emerged at Barry-Wehmiller that combines the best in associate engagement, continuous improvement and customer service, all focused on the vision: Building a better world through business.

Presenters: Jacob Huskey / Shayne Roberts

Jacob Huskey is senior project leader at Barry-Wehmiller and has worked for the Barry-Wehmiller corporate office for four years. His focus has been on leading high level strategic initiatives for the organization. Huskey is currently a professor and the course director for the internal CI training course, Improve Like a Leader. He also supports divisions with the implementation of continuous improvement roadmaps and facilitates events at the corporate office.

Shayne Roberts is the director of culture and people development for BW Papersystems, Wisconsin. He helped lead BW Papersystems through a continuous improvement transformation that has produced improvements in ownership, engagement, revenue and profitability. His leadership philosophy is to encourage creation of a great culture through caring and ownership and to develop everyone in the organization through personal growth and creation of meaningful relationships.