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Intermediate level

Influencing greatness in workplaces everywhere

Becoming a great place where great people can do great work


Deep Dive Session
Wednesday, Oct. 11 Location Code
2:30pm-3:30pm Hynes Center, Level 3, Room 311 WS/45



Gain insights on six key elements that are necessary to inspire great people, create great cultures and establish the type of workplace that sets you up for success.


Learn how companies and organizations everywhere are focused on one similar goal: becoming successful. Discover how success is only achieved when great people have the opportunity to create great things. That’s why the key to achieving success is understanding how to attract, engage, and retain great people, which can be achieved by focusing on three key elements:

  • Engagement: You can’t drive engagement, you can only influence it.
  • Leadership: Your critical role as influencer.
  • Recognition: Utilizing your most powerful tool.

O.C. Tanner, the leader in global employee recognition and engagement, helps thousands of the world’s top companies accomplish and appreciate great work. Clients around the globe use iyd solutions to attract and keep talent, improve employee engagement, drive performance goals, increase wellbeing, and create experiences that fuel the human spirit. O.C. Tanner helps companies from Boston to Bengaluru become great places to work. In 2016, 30 companies on the Fortune 100 Best Places To Work For® list use an O.C. Tanner solution.

Presenter: Kevin Ames

Kevin Ames has a mission to instill in others a passion for personal and professional excellence. He is an author, a world-renowned speaker and Master Appreciatologist. He is the director of speaking at the O.C. Tanner Institute and has spoken to hundreds of companies, leadership groups, and conferences worldwide. Ames is an expert in the areas of workplace culture, engagement, great work, teambuilding, leadership, and personal development.