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Individual growth - passport to world excellence

Why employee focus and becoming a learning organization should be #1 on your CI journey


Practitioner Presentation
Thursday, Oct. 12 Location Code
10:45am-11:45am Hynes Center, Level 3, Room 302 ThS/61



Hear how Duha has approached its organizational strategies through a method referred to as Dynamic Value Stream Transformation, where the focus is on the first and most important element - its people.


Learn about the Duha System that drove change both on shop floor and office environments. Discover how Duha promotes individual growth using train and do methodologies to become a learning organization using the Passport to Excellence certification program. Its employee-driven passport encourages learning and development inside and out, using its Chips recognition program. Hear how employee growth is further developed through the organization's Hive Five system which allows employees one-on-one time to connect with sponsors at regular intervals to focus on the employee’s future and needs. This evolution of employee development has allowed Duha to have successful succession planning strategies through internal promotions.


The Duha Group is a global leader in the production of color marketing supplies. For more than 16years, it has developed its own interpretation of operational excellence methodologies, focused entirely on practical implementation in a live, high-volume production environment. The use of lean concepts can be found in accounting, customer service, sales, logistics, human resources, warehousing, and manufacturing process.  Throughout its lean journey, Duha has worked with many companies in various industries across Canada and the rest of the world, training and sharing best practices. www.duhagroup.com

Presenters: Mark Somogyi / Fontana Coy

As a member of the Duha Center of Excellence team, Mark Somogyi has 20+ years of experience in manufacturing with specific training in the TCCS Toyota Production System and CME continuous improvement program. The last 10 years, he has been part of a leadership team implementing CI and health and safety initiatives within the organization. Somogyi has successfully implemented a CI culture in two companies and he has trained hundreds on CI principles. 

Fontana Coy is a CI transformation coach at Duha Group, with experience in customer service and distribution/marketing/sales. She is black belt-certified in the Duha's Passport to World Excellence program. She has been leading external companies on the start of their CI journey with opportunity identification exercises, VMS and SOPs. She is the yellow belt facilitator for communication skills and green belt facilitator for facilitation skills. Coy holds a bachelor of commerce degree from the Asper School of Business majoring in international business and logistics/supply chain and business administration diploma from Red River College.