Call for Submissions: AME Dallas 2022 Tracks

For the first time since 2019, the AME International Conference will be held in-person with virtual elements to allow us to reach the widest audience and make the broadest impact in the history of AME conferences. We're looking for presentations, tours and workshops from people with a story to tell.

The lean, continuous improvement journey is often in need of new energy and new ideas. Share your best practices, tools and ideas with 2022 AME conference participants and help them embrace disruption, learn and grow.

Submit your content idea and become part of the boldest and biggest AME International Conference ever.

Please review the tracks below and submit your presentation, workshop or tour proposal through the appropriate link. Please note: the workshop program is full. Check back for 2023 workshop opportunities.

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AME Dallas 2022 Conference Program Tracks

These six tracks identify undeniable trends that are developing in our business world that, as thought leaders, we will discuss. Overall expectations are to hear about cutting edge strategies and transformations that address the individual track topics as described below. Speaking slots will be for one hour with 50 minutes for the presentation and 10 minutes for discussion, questions and answers.


  1. Disruptive Technologies
  2. Supply Chains Going Forward
  3. Lean with Horizontal Flow
  4. Leadership in the Future
  5. Embracing World-Class DE&I: Driving Innovation and Engagement
  6. Environmental Footprint 


Disruptive Technologies
There are many technologies that are now becoming implemented and will make major changes to how work is done and businesses will operate. Some of these are 3D printing with different materials, artificial Intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, IOT/digital connectivity, cobots/robotics, machine learning, big data, cyber security, wearables, advanced RFID, nanotechnology, drones, autonomous vehicles, predictive maintenance, Blockchain and many others. We would like to hear about implementations that have happened in the workplace and will grow to be a major impact in our future.

Supply Chains Going Forward
Supply chains have been evolving, but with the COVID pandemic over the past 1.5-2 years and the unpredictable impact that has occurred, we are interested in how leading-edge companies have changed their strategy and approach in creative ways to maintain and grow their business in this ever-changing world. We want to address new and different and things they can share. Are they localizing their suppliers or creating mor partnerships or more sources? Can speakers share their story on the good, bad and ugly and what new things are they planning to try in the future.

Lean with Horizontal Flow
By focusing on the customer and moving toward Dan Jones and Jim Womack’s model in their book Lean Solutions we see leading edge organizations moving toward end to end horizontal value streaming. We are looking for companies that are shifting and reorganizing around the horizontal flow with the traditional supporting historic verticals. Some have process managers overseeing the whole business flow. This can involve concurrent R&D, marketing, product management, operations and supply chain, IT, human resources and finance. Speakers should address who does this work in the entire enterprise and what has been done and what is next?

Leadership in the Future
AME has always focused on leadership and we want to continue on the leading edge. We want to look at leadership broadly and include the extensive work we’ve done on people-centric leadership as well as guiding organizations in the significant changes we are facing in this highly disruptive era. How are companies engaging the various age groupings and all other subgroups? We are looking to showcase leading edge companies and leaders who have embraced strategic leadership principles including change management, understanding the new technologies, anticipating customers’ needs and changing business models early to meet those needs.

Embracing World-Class DE&I: Driving Innovation and Engagement
Diversity, equity and inclusion is paramount for organizations to recruit and retain the best talent. Leading-edge companies recognize the value and contributions of a diverse workforce. Organizations need engaged and motivated team members and innovation from everyone to be successful. We are looking for speakers from leading-edge companies who will share their best practices and strategy to recruit, hire, mentor and celebrate the diversity of the workforce. We want to showcase those organizations promoting a culture where all employees feel they belong, are respected, and feel valued for who they are.

Environmental Footprint
The attention on the environment is growing by leaps and bounds. While water and chemical pollution reduction has been on our radar for some time, it is now evolving into a larger “carbon neutral” objective. This will drive major business approaches, especially in manufacturing. We see leading companies that are focusing on business objectives with technology, processes, competition and profitability all in mind. Leading companies have set some challenging stretch goals and we want speakers to address what works and what doesn’t going forward.

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